Monday, November 8, 2010

Stats for 2010

Hi larpers!

For the last post of the year, I've compiled some statistics on the use of Larpwriter during 2010 (as of November 8), one year after its opening.

Larpwriter is mainly used in France, then a bit in New Zealand and Canada.

There were 47 active larps created. I've only counted the larps with at least 10 characters in order to eliminate all the larps created to test.

They contain a total of 1804 characters, 362 groups, 427 documents, 166 organizers and 1001 players (because some of those larps have not yet opened their registrations).

The largest larp has 223 characters, on average there are 38 characters by larp but this figure is underestimated because some of the larps are still being written.

The average age of players is 27 years, the youngest was 8 years old and the oldest 58 years.

That's all, next year I will take more time to detail including the distribution of players by age and gender.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Add a document to all the characters

Hello larpers!

A new feature: from the creation or edition page of a document, you can now add this document to all the characters.

Thus you don't have to do it for each character.

Useful for the game rules for example.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be notified by email of the changes made in your larp


As an organizer you can now receive a daily email listing all the latest changes made in your larp by the organizers: creation/deletion/ modification of characters, groups, documents... opening/closing of registrations, configuration changes, etc..

To do this, simply check "Be notified of changes by email" in your organizer page (available from the 'Organizers' tab of your larp).

You will not receive email if no changes have taken place the previous day, if you are the sole organizer of your larp or if your email address is not confirmed.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Recent small improvements #4

Hello larpers!

Here is a summary of the small improvements recently added to Larpwriter:

  • it is now possible to insert tables in the contents of the documents, characters, groups, players and organizers
  • you can now color text and highlight text in color
  • when you save a document, character or group that has already been changed in the meantime the alert message that appears now says the author of the other changes and you can overwrite these changes with your own if you wish
  • downloadable zip files now contain the characters, groups and documents in different directories
  • the characters marked "completed" now appear with a green background in the list of characters (the same for the players and groups completed)
  • links in the documents are now clickable in the PDF versions (eg a link to a Google Map into a document of instructions for the players)
  • in the XLS document that lists all the players, each player group is now indicated
  • the search engine has been changed and should be much faster now
  • when a player responds to the mail containing his character sheet, his answer goes now directly to the organizer in charge of his character
Thanks to Yann, Gilles, Niko et Greg for their suggestions!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Make public your larp or murder party

Hello larpers!

By default a larp or a murder party is available only to the organizers of the event. Now from the "Overview" tab you can publish your larp, that is to say allow anyone to access, copy or download it. When you publish your larp, only the characters, groups and documents become visible. All players, organizers and registration requests remain available only to the organizers of the larp. Only the organizers can edit the content of the larp.

This allows you to easily share your creation, allowing those interested to read it online, download it in PDF or copy it on Larpwriter to directly change it online.

If you want to share your creation with only a few people, it is always possible to create a copy of your larp on Larpwriter and give access only to the organizers that you choose.

Thanks to Screech for the test of this new feature!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New: "ghost" groups

Hello larpers!

There is a new feature: it is now possible to not include a group in its character members. That is to say that the group PDF sheet will not be associated with the PDF sheets of the group characters, nor mentioned in those PDF sheets. Thus the players of those characters will not know about this group.

It permits to define groups of characters representing plots or relationships whose players are not aware of. To regroup such groups, for example you can define a group "plots" that includes those groups.

Such groups appear with a gray background in the list of groups.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Copy your larp

Hello larpers!

From the "Overview" tab you can now create a copy of your larp and select the elements to be copied: characters, groups, documents, players, organizers. You can then edit your copy as you wish.  Copy your larp may be useful for example:

  • if you have a murder party you want to play in two sessions with two different groups of players. Once you have finished writing your murder party, you can make a copy to manage registrations and players of the second session, while managing in the first version the registrations and players of the first session.
  • if you have a larp or murder party that you want to make public . By copying it without the players, you get a version that you can make public, while preserving your original version.
  • if you want to share a larp with someone else, without publishing it.
  • if your larp is in fact a campaign composed of several successive larps. You can create a new larp from the previous one and copy all the characters, groups and documents and possibly the players. So you do not have to manually copy the information that you need from one larp to the next one.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Recent small improvements #3

Hello larpers!

Here is a summary of the small improvements recently added to Larpwriter:

Document tagging

You can now categorize and sort your documents by giving each one one or more tags. When searching or clicking on the name of a tag, you get a list of all documents with this tag. Examples of tags: "task", "script", "game-document", "map"...

Download the list of players

From the 'Players' tab of your larp you can now download the list of the players with all their information in an Excel file (readable also by OpenOffice, Google Docs ...).


On the login page you can choose to be automatically connected each visit, to avoid having to enter your email and password.

The opening and closing of registrations are now listed in the history of actions of the 'Overview' tab.

In "full screen" edit mode, the lateral scrollbar was absent. This bug has been fixed


Thanks to La Porte des Songes and Guillaume for their suggestions.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New: send character sheets by email

Hello larpers!

You can now in one click send by email a character sheet to its player. From the character page, click on 'Others actions' and then on 'Send by email'. The player will receive from Larpwriter an email telling him how to download from the website a ZIP file containing his character PDF sheet and all associated documents (group PDF sheet, game rules, etc.).

Similarly from a group page you can automatically send an email to all players of the group (and of its included subgroups) so they can download their character sheet and all related documents.

Finally you can do it once for all the characters of the larp from the 'Overview' tab.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Larpwriter is free


Using Larpwriter is now free, whatever the number of characters in your larp or murder party. It is possible to donate to help with the costs of website hosting and encourage its development :)

I abandoned the principle of payment because it was too complicated to manage: the resources and needs of different groups of larp organizers vary too much to establish a single price structure. This will also enable organizers to start working on a larp without being sure it takes place or before having enough funds. Also to take as much time as necessary to write a larp.

It will soon be possible to publish a larp or a murder party created on Larpwriter*. Any visitor will be able to download a public larp or make a copy on the website to customize it and the replay with his own players. This will be very simple to use since there will be no payment to make.


*: of course personal data will not be included in a public version (photos & names of players for example).

Monday, April 26, 2010

Page preview and treeview of groups & characters

Hello larpers!

Two new functionalities to facilitate access to information within a larp.

Page preview

On the different pages of a larp Larpwriter creates many links to quickly navigate between the characters, groups, documents, and players. Now if you leave your mouse on one of these links without clicking, a popup window will appear and will show you all the information of the page pointed by the link. This allows you to quickly get information without having to change page.

Thanks to Niko for his improvement suggestions for this functionality.

Treeview of groups and characters

In the "Overview" tab of your larp, you can now view a tree of all the characters classified by group and subgroups.

Thanks to Manu for the idea of this functionality.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Recent improvements #2

Hello larpers!

Here is a summary of the small improvements recently added to Larpwriter:

List of contact information of a group of players

From the page of a group, you can access a list of contact information (name, email, phone) of all players in the group. You can easily copy / paste the list of their emails to send an email to the entire group.

Display number of relationships and members

The page of a character or a group now shows the number of its relationships and its members. Also in the list of groups is indicated for each group the number of members.


The page of a document now lists which characters and groups include the document.

In the lists of people / groups / documents / players / organizers you can now choose how many items to display per page: 10, 20, 50 or 100.

Relationships and members are now sorted alphabetically rather than by order of creation.

Thank you Manu and la Porte des Songes for their suggestions:)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Larpwriter at Knutpunkt 2010

Hello larpers!

Larpwriter will be demoed at Knutpunkt 2010 during the Larp Plaza on the 24th of April. I'll be available through Skype to assist and answer questions :)


Friday, March 19, 2010

State of progress of characters and groups

Hello larpers!

You can now report on a character or group whether it is finished or not, and you may indicate the reason. It is then possible to get a list of all the characters complete or incomplete, ditto for the groups.

Furthermore it is now possible to obtain a page listing all the characters who have missing relationships, ditto for the groups (if a person A has a relationship to a person B, but B has no relation to A, then one considers there is a missing relationship from B to A).

Thanks to the association La Porte des Songes and Screech for their suggestions that lead to these new features. Hopefully they will help monitoring the progress of your larp.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Characters with double identity

Hello larpers!

You can now define another name for a character, for example if he has a double identity in the larp. It is then possible to create relationships to this character using one or the other of its two names: some characters will know him with its first identity, others with its second identity.

Similarly the character can be a member of a group with its first or second identity.

Thanks to Screech for this feature suggestion!

Update: Only larps created before March 22, 2011 have this option, it has since been replaced by a new option

Monday, March 8, 2010

New: group relationship management

Hello larpers!

It is now possible to manage relations between groups in the same way that relationships between characters. In a group sheet you can describe other groups, and Larpwriter will help you find missing relationships.

More information:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New prices


New prices apply for the use of Larpwriter:

It is now much more affordable, and was made possible by the sufficient number of current users to cover operating costs of the website.

Current users have been refunded the difference between the price they paid and the current price.

Larpwriter will continue to evolve according to the suggestions of his users. The next features should be the management of relationships between groups, and the preview of the characters, groups and documents.

Friday, February 19, 2010

New online registration system

Hello larpers!

Larpwriter now provides a online registration system: larp organizers can now build and customize an online registration form to collect player registration requests.

Details here:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recent improvements #1

Hello larpers!

Here is a summary of the small improvements recently added to Larpwriter:


In the configuration of their larp organizers can translate into another language all the terms appearing in the character and group sheets (which by default are available only in French or English).


You can now indicate whether a player registration is complete or not, possibly indicating what is missing: for example its payment, its photo...

Then you can get a list of all players whose registration is not complete. For existing users: by default the registration has been marked incomplete, so update the records of your players whose registration is complete.

Finally, two new fields have been added: the postal address and the date of birth (age is then automatically calculated). It is still possible to add any other information in the "other information" field.


The text fields automatically expand gradually as you enter text (it is still possible to work full screen on each text field).

The popup alert that appears when you leave a page being edited does not appear if you had changed nothin in the page.

Thank you to the users for their suggestions:) especially the association La Porte des Songes !


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New demonstration video

I've just posted a first video that introduces some functionalities of Larpwriter: character creation, character relationships management and search tool.

Check it out at