Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recent improvements #1

Hello larpers!

Here is a summary of the small improvements recently added to Larpwriter:


In the configuration of their larp organizers can translate into another language all the terms appearing in the character and group sheets (which by default are available only in French or English).


You can now indicate whether a player registration is complete or not, possibly indicating what is missing: for example its payment, its photo...

Then you can get a list of all players whose registration is not complete. For existing users: by default the registration has been marked incomplete, so update the records of your players whose registration is complete.

Finally, two new fields have been added: the postal address and the date of birth (age is then automatically calculated). It is still possible to add any other information in the "other information" field.


The text fields automatically expand gradually as you enter text (it is still possible to work full screen on each text field).

The popup alert that appears when you leave a page being edited does not appear if you had changed nothin in the page.

Thank you to the users for their suggestions:) especially the association La Porte des Songes !


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