Friday, March 19, 2010

State of progress of characters and groups

Hello larpers!

You can now report on a character or group whether it is finished or not, and you may indicate the reason. It is then possible to get a list of all the characters complete or incomplete, ditto for the groups.

Furthermore it is now possible to obtain a page listing all the characters who have missing relationships, ditto for the groups (if a person A has a relationship to a person B, but B has no relation to A, then one considers there is a missing relationship from B to A).

Thanks to the association La Porte des Songes and Screech for their suggestions that lead to these new features. Hopefully they will help monitoring the progress of your larp.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Characters with double identity

Hello larpers!

You can now define another name for a character, for example if he has a double identity in the larp. It is then possible to create relationships to this character using one or the other of its two names: some characters will know him with its first identity, others with its second identity.

Similarly the character can be a member of a group with its first or second identity.

Thanks to Screech for this feature suggestion!

Update: Only larps created before March 22, 2011 have this option, it has since been replaced by a new option

Monday, March 8, 2010

New: group relationship management

Hello larpers!

It is now possible to manage relations between groups in the same way that relationships between characters. In a group sheet you can describe other groups, and Larpwriter will help you find missing relationships.

More information: