Saturday, May 1, 2010

Larpwriter is free


Using Larpwriter is now free, whatever the number of characters in your larp or murder party. It is possible to donate to help with the costs of website hosting and encourage its development :)

I abandoned the principle of payment because it was too complicated to manage: the resources and needs of different groups of larp organizers vary too much to establish a single price structure. This will also enable organizers to start working on a larp without being sure it takes place or before having enough funds. Also to take as much time as necessary to write a larp.

It will soon be possible to publish a larp or a murder party created on Larpwriter*. Any visitor will be able to download a public larp or make a copy on the website to customize it and the replay with his own players. This will be very simple to use since there will be no payment to make.


*: of course personal data will not be included in a public version (photos & names of players for example).

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