Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New: "ghost" groups

Hello larpers!

There is a new feature: it is now possible to not include a group in its character members. That is to say that the group PDF sheet will not be associated with the PDF sheets of the group characters, nor mentioned in those PDF sheets. Thus the players of those characters will not know about this group.

It permits to define groups of characters representing plots or relationships whose players are not aware of. To regroup such groups, for example you can define a group "plots" that includes those groups.

Such groups appear with a gray background in the list of groups.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Copy your larp

Hello larpers!

From the "Overview" tab you can now create a copy of your larp and select the elements to be copied: characters, groups, documents, players, organizers. You can then edit your copy as you wish.  Copy your larp may be useful for example:

  • if you have a murder party you want to play in two sessions with two different groups of players. Once you have finished writing your murder party, you can make a copy to manage registrations and players of the second session, while managing in the first version the registrations and players of the first session.
  • if you have a larp or murder party that you want to make public . By copying it without the players, you get a version that you can make public, while preserving your original version.
  • if you want to share a larp with someone else, without publishing it.
  • if your larp is in fact a campaign composed of several successive larps. You can create a new larp from the previous one and copy all the characters, groups and documents and possibly the players. So you do not have to manually copy the information that you need from one larp to the next one.