Sunday, July 25, 2010

Make public your larp or murder party

Hello larpers!

By default a larp or a murder party is available only to the organizers of the event. Now from the "Overview" tab you can publish your larp, that is to say allow anyone to access, copy or download it. When you publish your larp, only the characters, groups and documents become visible. All players, organizers and registration requests remain available only to the organizers of the larp. Only the organizers can edit the content of the larp.

This allows you to easily share your creation, allowing those interested to read it online, download it in PDF or copy it on Larpwriter to directly change it online.

If you want to share your creation with only a few people, it is always possible to create a copy of your larp on Larpwriter and give access only to the organizers that you choose.

Thanks to Screech for the test of this new feature!

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