Friday, February 18, 2011

Donations in 2010

Hello again,

I've updated the donation page. Now it displays the annual operating costs to maintain the website (292 euros), and the donations received each year (90 euros in 2010).

The donations in 2010 did not cover the costs, but I am hopeful that in 2011 they will because much more larps using Larpwriter will be held in 2011.

Thanks by advance for your help!

The donation page.

Recent small improvements #5

Hello larpers!

Here is a summary of the small improvements recently added to Larpwriter:

  • it is now possible to add / edit / delete internet links in documents, players, groups, characters...
  • if you manage multiple larps, a new drop-down menu lets you switch from one to another directly without having to go through your account page
  • we can now center, justify, right align the texts you write in Larpwriter
  • also underline text
  • finally, when you create a player from his application without creating at the same time his character, the character name and information he had requested are now stored in the 'More info' section of the player

Thanks to Ryan, thepimousse, Damien and Anna for their comments and suggestions!